Who is George Kittle sister, Emma Kittle

George Kittle, the tight end for the San Francisco 49ers,  shares a close relationship with his sister, Emma Kittle.

The pair share a strong bond and have consistently supported each other.

An Image of the Kittle Family
The Kittle family after an NFL match

Both George and Emma Kittle loved sports because their dad was athletic.

Emma played volleyball and basketball, while George learned football from their dad.

George Kittle was born on October 9, 1993.

He played football for the University of Iowa and was one of the best players in his position there.

In 2017, Kittle was picked by the San Francisco 49ers in the fifth round of the NFL Draft.

He has since become an important player for the team.

Kittle has been selected to the Pro Bowl four times and was named First-team All-Pro in 2019.

He created the “George Kittle’s End Zone” foundation, which helps kids with disabilities and veterans.

Who Is Emma Kittle?

Emma is a yoga instructor who collaborated with her brother during his off-season training sessions in Nashville, Tennessee.

An image of Emma Kittle with her friends
Emma Kittle with an NFL jersey

Her expertise lies in sports performance yoga, which focuses on enhancing athletes’ flexibility, mobility, and core strength, while also teaching relaxation techniques and stress management.

Emma and George have been working together for a long time, getting closer as they share their love for fitness.

They enjoy training together and having fun, even though they take their workouts seriously.

Emma thinks yoga is great for athletes because it makes them more flexible, strengthens their core, helps them stay balanced, and reduces stress, so they can focus better during games.

Emma and George Kittle as Division I athletes

Both George and Emma competed in NCAA Division I sports.

George, influenced by his father, spent four years playing football under head coach Kirk Ferentz.

During his time at Iowa, the team never had a losing season and even reached the 2015 Big Ten Championship game against Michigan State.

In contrast, Emma chose volleyball, a departure from the family’s basketball and football background.

Despite this, she had impressive qualifications before joining the Hawkeyes.

Emma was recognized as the Press-Citizen’s 2009 Female High School Athlete of the Year for her leadership in taking West High School to the state volleyball tournament.

Additionally, she played basketball and contributed to the team reaching the regional final.

Despite her success, Emma’s time at the University of Iowa was brief.

She transferred to the University of Oklahoma to continue her Division I volleyball journey. After college, she initially aimed for a career in law and spent time preparing for the Law School Admission Test, which she passed.

However, she ultimately found her calling in yoga.

Emma Kittle: Being of service to others

Presently, Emma Kittle operates Thunderbird Performance alongside her father, Bruce, who was also a football player for the Hawkeyes.

Utilizing her extensive training in various yoga styles such as Vinyasa, Kundalini, Sculpt, Yin, and Pranayama, she tailors effective yoga sessions for her clients.

An image of Emma and her dad doing Yoga
Emma Kittle and her dad doing Yoga

Emma’s passion for discipline arises from her desire to assist her clients in achieving their physical goals.

One of the programs Emma offers is the Mindful Athlete Program, which aims to train players’ minds to stay focused during intense moments in the game.

This program involves creating a customized breathing improvement plan and providing one-on-one sessions to address any performance issues.

Additionally, athletes receive individual sessions with Emma’s father to ensure they stay committed to the program and make any needed adjustments to enhance its effectiveness.

Hidden Pearls Podcast

As an advocate for holistic wellness, Emma finds success in various areas of her life.

In addition to managing Thunderbird Performance, she co-hosts the “Hidden Pearls Podcast” with her father and George Kittle.

On a personal note, she recently got engaged to Cody Ponce, a pitcher for the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters, who has also played for the Milwaukee Brewers and the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Despite enjoying the rewards of her hard work, Emma acknowledges that she’s only at the beginning of her journey.

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