Who is Zac Taylor’s Sister Kathryn Taylor?

Zac Taylor sister

Zac Taylor is an American football coach and former quarterback who is the current head coach of the Cincinnati Bengals of the National Football League (NFL).

He has led the Bengals to their first Super Bowl appearance in 34 years, after a remarkable turnaround from a 4-11-1 record in 2020 to a 10-7 record in 2021.

He is widely regarded as one of the brightest young minds in the game, with a creative and innovative offensive scheme.

An image of Zac Taylor
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But while Zac Taylor has achieved a lot in his career, he is not the only star in his family.

He has a younger sister, Kathryn, who has a unique and impressive achievement of her own.

Kathryn Taylor is a Special Olympics swimmer who has won over 60 gold medals in her home state of Oklahoma.

She has been undefeated in her events for nearly 25 years and has earned the nickname “The Dominator” from her father.

Kathryn Taylor has Down syndrome, but that has not stopped her from pursuing her passion and excelling in her sport.

This article explores the story of Kathryn Taylor, her relationship with her brother Zac, and how she inspires him and others with her success and perseverance.

Kathryn Taylor’s Story

An image of Kathryn Taylor and her brother Zac
An image of Kathryn Taylor and her brother Zac/PHOTO: Files

Kathryn Taylor was born in Manhattan, Kansas, in 1985, as the second of four children of Sherwood and Julie Taylor.

When she was diagnosed with Down syndrome, her parents were initially shocked and worried, but they soon learned that she could live a great life.

They enrolled her in a special education program and encouraged her to participate in various activities.

One of those activities was swimming, which Kathryn took to naturally.

She joined the Special Olympics program when she was eight years old, and quickly showed her talent and competitiveness.

She competed in the 25-meter freestyle and backstroke events and dominated her age group.

Kathryn won her first gold medal at the local level and then advanced to the state level, where she continued to win gold after gold.

She never lost a race, and never let anyone forget it.

She would often trash-talk her opponents, and even her brothers, Zac and Press, who also played football.

Kathryn would tell them that they were not as good as her and that they did not have any gold medals.

She would also celebrate her victories with a dance and a spike of the ball.

She loved to swim, and she loved to win.

What is the relationship between Zac and Kathryn like?

Zac Taylor and Kathryn Taylor have a close and supportive relationship, despite their different personalities and interests.

Zac is more reserved and analytical, while Kathryn is more outgoing and expressive.

He loves football, while Kathryn loves swimming.

But they share a common bond of being athletes and competitors, and they respect and admire each other’s achievements.

Zac has always been proud of his sister and has often attended her swim meets and cheered for her.

Kathryn has always looked up to her brother and has followed his career with interest and enthusiasm.

She has also challenged him and has kept him humble and motivated. She has also supported him and has been his biggest fan.

Beyond the Pool

A Kathryn Taylor Infographic
A Kathryn Taylor Facts Infographic

Kathryn Taylor is more than just a swimmer.

She is a multi-faceted individual with a vibrant personality and diverse interests.

She is a friendly and outgoing person, who loves to socialize and make new friends.

Kathryn is also a funny and witty person, who loves to joke and make people laugh.

She is a smart and curious person, who loves to learn and explore new things.

She is involved in various activities and organizations, such as Best Buddies, a program that pairs people with intellectual and developmental disabilities with peers for friendship and support.

Zac’s Motivation

Kathryn Taylor’s success and perseverance have had a profound impact on Zac Taylor’s career and coaching style.

He has often credited her as one of his main sources of motivation and inspiration.

He has said that she has taught him how to overcome challenges and obstacles, and how to work hard and never give up.

Zac has also said that she has taught him how to enjoy the process and the journey, and how to have fun and celebrate the achievements.

He has applied these lessons to his career, as he has faced and overcome various difficulties and setbacks, such as injuries, transfers, and losses.

He has said that she is the real dominator in his family and that he is just trying to catch up to her.


Zac Taylor and Kathryn Taylor are two remarkable siblings who have achieved a lot in their respective fields.

They have a unique and special bond that transcends their differences and challenges.

They are both champions in their own right, and they are both proud of each other.

Kathryn Taylor is not just Zac Taylor’s sister. She is his hero, his mentor, and his friend.

As Zac Taylor said, “She’s the best thing that ever happened to our family.”


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