Willadeene Parton Siblings : The Parton Family Tapestry

Explore the captivating stories of Willadeene Parton siblings, delving into the lives and experiences that shaped the iconic singer’s family.

Uncover the unique journeys, achievements, and contributions of each Parton sibling, offering a glimpse beyond Willadeene’s stardom into the rich tapestry of their shared history.

Discover the lesser-known aspects of this remarkable family through our insightful exploration of Willadeene Parton’s siblings.

Dolly Parton Siblings
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Willadeene Parton siblings are six brothers and five sisters, namely Willadeene, David, Coy, Robert Jr., Stella, Cassie, Randy, Larry, Floyd, and twins Freida and Rachel, considering them the true stars in her life.

Growing up in a three-bedroom cabin near the Smoky Mountains in Sevierville, Tennessee, the Parton siblings, raised by their parents Robert and Avie Lee Parton, faced modest circumstances.

Despite their limited means, the family of 14 found richness in their tight-knit bond and shared love for music.

Everything to know about Willadeene Parton siblings

Dolly Rebecca Parton

She was born on January 19, 1946, in a one-room cabin on the banks of the Little Pigeon River in Pittman Center, Tennessee.

She holds the position as the fourth child among the twelve born to Avie Lee Caroline (née Owens; 1923–2003) and Robert Lee Parton Sr. (1921–2000).

Her middle name, Rebecca, is a tribute to her maternal great-great-grandmother Rebecca (Dunn) Whitted.

Dolly’s father, known as “Lee,” initially worked as a sharecropper and later managed his own small tobacco farm in the mountains of East Tennessee.

Additionally, he undertook construction jobs to supplement the farm’s modest income.

Despite her father’s lack of formal education, Dolly often praises his intelligence, describing him as one of the smartest individuals she has known, particularly in matters of business and profitability.

Willadeene Parton

Born on March 24, 1940, Willadeene Parton, the eldest child of Avie and Robert Parton, assumed a maternal role for her younger siblings in the Parton family.

While briefly exploring music, including being part of a gospel group with her sisters, Willadeene discovered her true calling in storytelling.

In 1996, she authored her first book, “Smoky Mountain Memories: Stories from the Hearts of the Parton Family.”

It was followed by the 1997 release of the cookbook “All-Day Singing & Dinner on the Ground,” inspired by her Tennessee upbringing.

Since then, Willadeene has chosen a quieter life away from the spotlight in Tennessee.

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Stella Parton

Born on May 4, 1949, in Sevierville, Tennessee, Stella, like her sister Dolly, embarked on a music career.

Her 1975 debut album, “I Want to Hold You in My Dreams Tonight,” marked the beginning of a successful musical journey with over 36 albums to date.

Following in Willadeene’s footsteps, Stella authored her memoir “Tell It Sister, Tell It: Memories, Music and Miracles” in 2011, along with three cookbooks.

Stella’s versatility extends to her participation in the British TV series Celebrity MasterChef in 2018.

Despite pursuing a solo career, Stella remains dedicated to family collaborations and embraces her role as a steadfast and capable individual.

Cassie Parton

Cassie Parton was born on February 12, 1951.

She initially pursued singing and joined a gospel group with her sisters.

Despite her early involvement in music, Cassie’s professional career took a backseat.

She made a vocal appearance in her sister Dolly’s show “My People: Dolly’s Letter Home” in 2013.

Cassie has since retreated from the limelight.

Now, she directs her attention to family life.

Her husband is Larry Seaver.

They have two children, Bryan Melvin Seaver and Rebecca Ann Seaver.

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Randy Parton

Randy Parton was born on December 15, 1953.

He was the eighth child in the Parton family.

Randy achieved notable success in the music industry.

In 1986, he headlined his own show at Dollywood.

Randy produced chart-topping hits and collaborated with sister Dolly on tracks like “Old Flames Can’t Hold a Candle to You.”

Tragically, Randy passed away in January 2021 after battling cancer.

Dolly, in her announcement, celebrated Randy as a great singer, writer, and entertainer.

Randy is survived by his wife Deb, daughter Heidi, son Sabyn, and grandsons Huston and Trent.

Despite a challenging past, Sabyn chose forgiveness, cherishing the meaningful time spent with his father before his passing.

Larry Parton

The ninth child of Avie and Robert Parton, Larry, sadly passed away four days after his birth in July 1955.

His short life became the inspiration for Dolly’s 2015 movie “Coat of Many Colors,” named after her 1971 hit.

Despite the heartache surrounding Larry’s early departure, Dolly emphasized the profound connection they shared, portraying him as “my baby” and reminiscing about their close bond, formed during her tender years.

Floyd Parton

Born on June 1, 1957, in Sevierville, Tennessee, Floyd, a multi-talented individual, found success in music alongside sister Dolly.

Collaborating on chart-topping hits like “Rockin’ Years,” Floyd showcased his versatility and appreciation for the outdoors.

Tragically, Floyd passed away in December 2018 at the age of 61.

Dolly honored her brother by singing their song, “Rockin’ Years,” at the private memorial service, remembering him for a life filled with love and beautiful songs.

Freida Parton

Born on June 1, 1957, Freida, Floyd’s twin sister, embarked on a unique path, performing in a punk band and occasionally contributing backup vocals to Dolly’s albums.

In 2014, Freida transitioned to become an ordained minister and established the Parton Family Wedding Chapel & Antiques in Sevierville.

Her daughter, Jada Andersen (stage name Jada Star), followed in the family’s musical footsteps.

Freida’s influence extended to Jada, who participated in the reality show “Claim to Fame” in 2023, revealing her as Dolly’s niece.

Rachel Parton

The youngest Parton, Rachel, born on Aug. 31, 1959, in Sevierville, Tennessee, initially showcased her vocal talents in the band Honey Creek alongside her late brother, Randy.

Transitioning to acting, she gained recognition for her role in the ABC sitcom “9 to 5,” portraying a dramatized version of herself.

Rachel’s journey included a stint as Dolly’s makeup artist and backup singer.

Her personal life unfolded with her marriage to Richard Dennison in 1979, marking a transition from her role as Dolly’s wing-woman to a private life outside the spotlight.

David Parton, Coy Parton, and Robert Lee Parton Jr.

In contrast to their famous sisters, brothers David, Coy, and Robert Lee lead private lives away from the public eye.

Born in 1942 and 1943, David and Coy are Dolly’s older brothers.

Robert Jr., born in 1948, is the younger brother.

Their lives have been characterized by privacy, distinguishing them from their renowned siblings.

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