Wolfgang Novogratz Siblings: Inside the Lives of Hollywood’s Most Intriguing Family!

Wolfgang Novogratz Siblings: Inside the Lives of Hollywood’s Most Intriguing Family!

Introducing the dynamic Novogratz family: at the forefront of creativity, talent, and intrigue.

In this article, we delve into the lives of Wolfgang Novogratz’s siblings, each possessing their own unique flair and contributing to the family’s vibrant legacy.

From Bellamy and Tallulah’s forays into modeling and acting to Breaker’s musical endeavors, the Novogratz siblings showcase a diverse range of passions and pursuits.

Join us as we explore their journeys, their accomplishments, and the bonds that unite them as they navigate the spotlight of fame and the complexities of family life.

Wolfgang Novogratz siblings smiling together in a family portrait.
The Novogratz siblings radiate talent and unity in this heartwarming family moment. [PHOTO: Pinterest]

Bellamy Novogratz

Bellamy Novogratz, the elder twin alongside Tallulah, boasts a vibrant upbringing under the spotlight.

She was born on September 6, 1998, and she’s now 25 years old.

Growing up, Bellamy was no stranger to fame, as her parents spearheaded the renowned program “Home by Novogratz.”

Their funky, downtown chic aesthetic not only revamped clients’ spaces but also transformed their own children’s rooms, including Bellamy’s.

Sharing a room with her twin sister, Bellamy received a coveted bookshelf for privacy during her early teens.

However, privacy remained a rarity amidst the bustling household of six siblings and the constant presence of a TV crew filming their daily lives for the show.

Today, Bellamy thrives as a model, showcasing her unique style on her private Instagram page with over 450 posts.

Tallulah Novogratz

Tallulah Novogratz, affectionately known as “Loud,” shares an uncanny resemblance to her twin sister, Bellamy.

Despite her low-key demeanor, Tallulah boasts nearly 9,000 followers on Instagram and leads a multifaceted career as a writer and actress.

Her credits include appearances on Bravo’s “9 by Design” and HGTV’s “Home by Novogratz.”

While Tallulah prefers to maintain a low profile, her online presence is somewhat elusive.

However, a Google search of her name reveals an intriguing connection—a Novogratz furniture piece, the “Novogratz Tallulah Memory Foam Futon.”

The origins of this namesake remain a mystery.

Fun Fact:
On Tallulah and Bellamy’s 20th birthday, their mother commemorated the occasion with a heartfelt Instagram post featuring the twins.


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Breaker Novogratz

Breaker Novogratz, born in November 2000, is a burgeoning talent at 21 years old, embarking on a promising music career.

With a dedicated YouTube channel showcasing his music videos and tracks available on Spotify, he boasts approximately 90 monthly listeners.

Indeed, Breaker is making waves in the industry.

Among his notable hits are “People Change,” “We’re Not Lovers Anymore,” “My Body,” and “There She Was.”

Beyond his musical endeavors, Breaker commands a significant presence on Instagram, amassing over 14,000 followers.

Despite his burgeoning success in music, it’s worth noting his past experience as a model.

Five Novogratz

Five Novogratz, one of Wolfgang’s younger brothers, entered the world in 2005 and is now 17 years old.

Alongside his identical twin, Holleder, Five has made appearances on various TV shows.

Including “All Square,” “9 by Design,” “AfterBuzz TV Red Carpets,” and “Junkets & Events.”

As a teenager, Five’s online presence remains relatively limited, reflecting his youthful stage of life.

Holleder Novogratz

Holleder, the twin of Five Novogratz, shares his sibling’s youthful age.

And thus, comprehensive details about his life are scarce online at present.

Major Novogratz

Major, Wolfgang’s youngest sibling, entered the world in 2009 and is now 13 years old.

Regrettably, owing to his tender age, comprehensive information about him is currently unavailable.

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