Wolverine’s Brother: The Untold Story of Sabretooth


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Wolverine’s Brother: The Untold Story of Sabretooth

Wolverine is one of the most popular and iconic characters in the Marvel Comics universe.

He is known for his adamantium claws, healing factor, and fierce personality.

But did you know he has a brother who is even more savage and ruthless than him?

His name is Victor Creed, also known as Sabretooth, and he is Wolverine’s archenemy and nemesis.

The Origins of Sabretooth

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The Origins of Sabretooth

Sabretooth first appeared in Iron Fist #14 in 1977, created by Chris Claremont and John Byrne.

He was initially a non-powered serial killer who clashed with Iron Fist and Power Man.

Later, he was revealed to be a mutant with animal-like abilities, such as superhuman strength, speed, senses, and razor-sharp claws and teeth.

He also has a healing factor that allows him to recover from almost any injury, similar to Wolverine’s.

Sabretooth’s backstory has been retconned and revised several times over the years, but one of the most common versions is that he and Wolverine are half-brothers, born from the same father, Thomas Logan.

Thomas Logan was a groundskeeper who worked for the wealthy Howlett family in Canada.

He had an affair with Elizabeth Howlett, the wife of John Howlett, and fathered two sons: James Howlett (Wolverine) and Victor Creed (Sabretooth).

In 1845, Thomas Logan killed John Howlett in a drunken rage, and James Howlett unleashed his bone claws for the first time, killing Thomas Logan in revenge.

With his dying breath, Thomas Logan told James that he was his son.

The Rivalry of Wolverine and Sabretooth

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The Rivalry of Wolverine and Sabretooth

The two brothers fought together in several wars, such as the American Civil War, World War I, World War II, and the Vietnam War.

However, Victor grew increasingly violent and uncontrollable, enjoying the thrill of killing and hurting others.

He also developed a hatred and jealousy for James, who tried to suppress his savage side and live by a code of honor.

The brothers eventually joined a covert government program called Weapon X, which experimented on mutants and enhanced their abilities.

Wolverine eventually escaped from Weapon X and lost most of his memories due to the trauma and brainwashing.

He joined the X-Men, a team of mutant heroes led by Professor Charles Xavier, and became one of their most valuable members.

On the other hand, Sabretooth remained loyal to Weapon X, and later joined other villainous groups, such as the Brotherhood of Mutants, the Marauders, and the Hand.

Sabretooth and Wolverine have crossed paths many times, and have fought each other to the death on several occasions.

Sabretooth often taunts and torments Wolverine, reminding him of their shared past and trying to bring out his animal instincts.

He also targets Wolverine’s friends and loved ones, such as Silver Fox, Mariko Yashida, and Jubilee. Sabretooth sees Wolverine as his ultimate prey and wants to prove that he is the superior predator.

The Fate of Sabretooth

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The Fate of SabretoothAn image of The Fate of Sabretooth

Sabretooth’s fate has varied depending on different timelines and realities.

In some versions, he has been killed by Wolverine, or by other enemies, such as Magneto, Apocalypse, or Deadpool.

The some versions, he has been redeemed, or at least reformed, and has joined forces with Wolverine and the X-Men, or other teams, such as X-Factor, the Avengers, or the Lethal Legion.

In some versions, he has been inverted, or changed his personality, due to magical or cosmic events, such as the AXIS storyline.

Sabretooth is one of the most complex and intriguing characters in the Marvel Comics universe.

He is more than just a mindless killer, he is a tragic figure who is haunted by his past and his nature.

He is also a formidable foe, who poses a constant threat to Wolverine and the X-Men.

Wolverine’s, but also his worst enemy.


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