Wood Harris Brother: The Story of Two Talented Siblings in Hollywood

Wood Harris Brother: The Story of Two Talented Siblings in Hollywood

Wood Harris, renowned for his portrayal of Avon Barksdale in HBO’s “The Wire,”.

Also, is recognized for his roles in films like “Remember the Titans” and “Paid in Full,” along with “Creed.”

Yet his older brother, Steve Harris, boasts a thriving acting career too.

Known for his work in series such as “The Practice,” “Awake,” and “Legends,” Steve Harris is a seasoned actor in his own right.

In this article, we will tell you the story of the Wood Harris brothers, the two talented siblings who have made their mark in Hollywood.

Wood Harris and Steve Harris posing together .
Wood Harris (left) and his brother Steve Harris (right) showcasing their strong bond and mutual support in the entertainment industry. [PHOTO: Instagram]

Growing Up in Chicago

Wood Harris and Steve Harris hail from Chicago, Illinois, born to Mattie and John Harris, a bus driver and a seamstress, respectively.

Growing up in a nurturing environment, their shared love for the arts was nurtured.

Wood Harris is often called “Wood” due to the pronunciation of his real name Sherwin.

Delved into salsa dancing at seven, later gravitating towards acting.

Meanwhile, Steve Harris, equally captivated by acting, balanced his passion with football.


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Both siblings attended St. Joseph High School in Westchester, Illinois, known for its athletic prowess.

Wood pursued basketball, Steve football, showcasing their talents on the field while nurturing their academic and artistic aspirations.

Post-high school, Wood earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theater Arts from Northern Illinois University, followed by a Master of Arts from New York University.

Steve, also a Northern Illinois University graduate and linebacker, furthered his education with a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Delaware.

Breaking Into the Industry

In the early 1990s, Wood Harris and Steve Harris embarked on their acting journeys, gracing both the small and big screens with their talent.

Wood Harris marked his debut in a 1994 episode of Law & Order before landing a significant role as Motaw in the basketball drama Above the Rim alongside Tupac Shakur.


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He further honed his craft through off-Broadway plays and gained acclaim for portraying Jimi Hendrix in the Showtime biopic Hendrix in 2000.

Meanwhile, Steve Harris also made his first appearance in a 1994 episode of Law & Order, followed by a role in the pilot of Homicide: Life on the Street.

His film credits include notable titles like The Rock, The Mod Squad, and Minority Report.

However, his breakthrough arrived in 1997 with his portrayal of Eugene Young, a lawyer and partner in the legal drama The Practice.

This role earned him a Screen Actors Guild Award, along with multiple Emmy and Golden Globe nominations.

Additionally, he showcased his versatility in the TV movie King of the World, embodying the legendary boxer, Sonny Liston.

Achieving Fame and Success

Wood Harris and Steve Harris, both acclaimed actors in their own right, captivated audiences with their compelling performances across various genres.

Wood Harris soared to prominence with his portrayal of Avon Barksdale.

Who’s the formidable drug lord in The Wire, earning him widespread acclaim and a NAACP Image Award nomination.

Additionally, his roles in cult-classic films like Paid in Full, where he depicted real-life figure Azie Faison.

And Remember the Titans, where he portrayed football player Julius Campbell, solidified his status as a versatile talent.

Meanwhile, Steve Harris continued to showcase his versatility with impactful performances in diverse roles.

From portraying a detective in the action thriller, The Skulls to delivering comedic brilliance as a widower in Bringing Down the House, his range knew no bounds.

He further impressed audiences with his recurring roles in television series such as Awake.

Where he portrayed Detective Isaiah “Bird” Freeman, and Legends, where he depicted Nelson Gates, the formidable FBI boss.

Notably, his compelling portrayal of the abusive husband in Tyler Perry’s Diary of a Mad Black Woman further underscored his prowess as a performer.

Wood Harris Brother: The Bond and the Future

Wood Harris and Steve Harris share a remarkable bond both on and off screen, showcasing their camaraderie and mutual respect.

Collaborating on projects like the 2004 film Death and Texas, where they portrayed brothers, and the 2017 BET miniseries The New Edition Story.

Where they depicted the father and uncle of singer Ronnie DeVoe, further exemplifies their strong connection.

Continuing to make waves in the entertainment industry, Wood Harris currently commands attention as Pat, a formidable drug lord.

And paternal figure in the Starz series BMF, based on the riveting true story of the Black Mafia Family.

Additionally, fans eagerly anticipate his return as Tony “Little Duke” Burton in the highly anticipated third installment of the Creed franchise, Creed III, slated for release in 2023.

Meanwhile, Steve Harris is poised for an array of captivating roles.

Including portraying Vernon Jordan, a trusted confidant of former President Bill Clinton, in the forthcoming drama The First Lady.

Audiences can also look forward to seeing him in the star-studded comedy The Comeback Trail.

Alongside luminaries like Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman, and Tommy Lee Jones.

As well as the gripping thriller The Gateway, featuring a stellar ensemble cast.


Wood Harris and Steve Harris, two renowned siblings, have left an indelible mark on Hollywood, captivating audiences worldwide with their remarkable talent and versatility.

As accomplished actors, they’ve seamlessly transitioned between genres and platforms, earning both acclaim and admiration.

Beyond their individual success, their enduring bond as brothers shines through, evident in their mutual support and collaborative ventures.

Together, they embody a narrative of talent, resilience.

Indeed, and a fraternal camaraderie that continues to captivate audiences and inspire aspiring artists everywhere.

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